(1) Getting started: The POA

What’s a POA? Purpose of Activity –
the why of this blog.

To share (what) my experiences trying to be a better. Painter and collage-r; mixed media art maker.
Futurist: what and how does that impact my work, my world, my thoughts, my energy, my hopes….
(when) at least weekly 

(For the purpose of) Why – several reasons really
To get feedback
To get and give inspiration if anyone out there decides to join in the conversation
To have fun and keep track of my work.
Hmmmm…. To put “it” out there; I guess “it” is me. 🙂 

PROFOUND-ISMS (from the others in class)
You don’t learn to dance in dance class…. 
You don’t learn to be an artist, a painter, in art class

I remember taking an art class way back when, in university. I was soooo bored by it. I wonder why? What, besides me, was different then? I knew I had some “talent” back then, from high school art/music/literature. 

It wasn’t the time. I was figuring out so many things then, art was one more thing to have to figure out. 
I’ve lived a lot of life since then, and I may not have it figured out; but I know what works for me. Maybe some of those things will help someone else too…? Maybe.

How will I attempt to accomplish this goal of sharing? 

Writing my thoughts, probably about something I intend or have created
Writing my thoughts about creating 
Uploading in-process and finished pieces
Uploading in-process and possibly finished videos
Connecting to other good resources that I find helpful
Hmmmm…. What is this instagram thing? Maybe even trying out new platforms for sharing….?

I might talk about subjects and such
I might talk about supplies and chemistry of materials
I might talk about …. Who knows… !

Ok, ‘nuf of that. 

Let’s get started.

We’re on our way home from a 4-day workshop with Joan Fullerton at Dillman’s Resort. Dillman’s offers all kinds of art “retreats” not only in Wisconsin (where ours was) but traveling workshops too.
This was my second year at Dillman’s and also with Joan. Love her.

A few simple goals as we were getting ready for the trip was to take only a few supplies, be prepared to mix colors; and to “use up” aka empty a few tubes of paint that have been sitting around too long (what do dat mean?) but I thought for sure they were nearly empty tubes.

I only was able to throw one of the tubes away after using it all up. I’m amazed how far paints can actually go. Even the small bottles last a really long time it seems. I don’t have data, but the memory was: nope not empty yet… squirt more on the palette; repeatedly. (HA!)

I also decided to use some of the “cheaper”* brands of paints I have and make them work. Now, I didn’t take sophisticated premixed colors, mainly yellow, blue, red, black, white and a few extras: purple, blue green, magenta because the bottles were “nearly” empty. 
*cheaper is probably the wrong word, but these are the ones you don’t hear about often in the fine arts newsletters. I like ’em and they worked for me on this trip. They’re especially great for acrylic pours, but I digress.

In retrospect, it was a self-selected, small exercise in what could I do with few “choices” and knock down the  illusion that I need to use the more expensive brands to do decent work. Looking back, I’m pleased with the colors, values and intensities I was able to achieve. Yes, it can be much faster if you already have pre-mixed sophisticated color, but I did ok enough for my 4 days. I tend to like to mix my own colors and stay toward clearer brighter ones.

I got many comments that my works were whimsical, happy, and bold, I think having the fresher-purer chroma available helped with that. (Thanks Joan: I love that word: chroma)

I’m happy for my work to generate the sense of whimsy for people. That means: joy, happiness, and a sense of whimsy (!). That is something I strive to accomplish. What messages, vibrations, energy am I trying to put into the world? I think art is a great means to communicate (without words, without being trite) to the world.

I noticed a lot of other artists in the room were creating fairly dark, neutralized, sophisticated colors and works. But not all were dark, overly neutralized nor gloomy. 

So, back to me. (Ha!)

Here’s what I did over the last 4 days. 
The exercises were really useful, and Joan has a delightful and expert way of teaching and getting us to get out of our critical thinking heads. Play and intuition allows us to create from our most authentic selves. I appreciate that so much. Get out of my own way; over analyzing, over critiquing; swallowing my voice. (more on that in a later post) 

Many of these are nearly done, and you can help me decide if they’re more done than I’d like to admit. (I just remembered, Joan calls this stage the “underpants” stage; aka underpainting. LOL! I kind of like the simplicity and freshness. Maybe they need more layers tho-)

 Celebration 1

 Lakeside 1

 Negative shapes 1

 Simple horizon 1

 Stop N Think 1

OH! I forgot one… I have to go look for that photo because lovely Marilyn asked to buy it from me during the workshop. What a sweetheart; that felt great. I hope it continues to bring her happiness. 

Music for Marilyn 1

p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 11.0px ‘Helvetica Neue’; color: #000000; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000} p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 11.0px ‘Helvetica Neue’; color: #000000; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000; min-height: 12.0px} span.s1 {font-kerning: none}

…next blog entry: what did I learn: from what I created. 

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