MOOC Course 3: Introduction to Imagemaking

Now starting Course 3: Intro to Imagemaking.

I think I’m going to like this class.
First the instructor started by getting us in the right mindset.
Of the many items offered, suggested, assigned to get started, this one is at the top of my mind

“Rules by Sister Corita Kent” (Google it, you’ll find dozens of examples), here’s one:

I love this! It doesn’t say to worry about every outcome, or to strive for perfection. It simply and firmly says – the more work you put in the better.

Week 1’s assignment was to do visual research on a subject.

I chose the American Kestrel.  Google, Pinterest and specific blogs, universities, associations, were great sources of visual information.
I also grabbed a few simple write-ups where I found them.
I ended up collecting about 70 images – different views, anatomy, etc. We needed to drop in 10 to the assignment board. I’m good with this. (Librarian training re-use!)

I was thrilled to see that my technique of research was pretty similar to other students. We’re also expected to review 3+ others. Subjects like Polar Bears, Male Moose, this group is very intriguing – love it!

Week 2 is starting for me later today. I finished this one early, so I’m going to see if I can get a head-start on the next week. That’s what I’ve said each week.  Why the race?

Note to Coursera: 

  • It does make me a little anxious, the online program will kind of let you  go at your own pace. I haven’t yet seen any real advantage to completing a week early; the next one is waiting and the  timer starts pretty soon. 
  • If there is an opportunity to pause in this, it would be really great for the site to indicate this. Managing this work (though not difficult work) amid everything else life has to contribute – seems like a pause button would be a good thing. …If I miss a week… am I penalized? 
  • Maybe it’s just me, prone to anxiety much? I’d like to think more about what I’m actually doing and maybe even play a little. Getting the assignments done by X-date so your fellow students can critique – seems good on the surface. … I’ll think more on this random thought. 
/in gratitude and peace… 

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