Bird Series 2017

Hi all – This post is more of an index to a new bird-inspired series. Specific birds inspired these acrylic pours. Thanks to Jerry Jourdan for his expertise not only finding and identifying the birds in the field (and water), but also is my favorite person and companion.  

Acrylic Pour technique? 
This is considered an experimental technique since you cannot predict what the result will be. The painter can’t even be sure the colors/chroma will stay intact after the colors mix and mingle. It’s addictive, in the best way.   🙂

Redbubble Store? 
I think these turned out really interestingly, and I’m delighted to share them here. 
Each of these will also be linked to my Redbubble store. If you’re not familiar with Redbubble, it’s a site where you can have an image created into multiple products, from t-shirts to phone covers to posters and more. 

As always, if there is something additional you’d like to see, let me know! 
Soon as well, I plan to start to videotape the creation of these and will add links to YouTube in the future. I hope these inspire you to create and also new awareness to some of our feathered friends we share this planet. 

Peace to you

  1. Great Blue Heron
  2. Green Heron
  3. Cerulean Warbler
  4. Greater Prairie Chicken
  5. Ring-necked Pheasant
  6. Harlequin Duck
  7. Mallard Duck
  8. Rock Pigeon
  9. Mangrove Swallow

Each of these is now linked to the Redbubble online store. 

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