Green Heron .

Green Heron (GH)
Butorides virescens) is a small heron of North and Central AmericaButorides is from Middle English butor “bittern” and Ancient Greek -oides, “resembling”, and virescens is Latin for “greenish (Wikipedia)
Green Heron’s are one of my top, favorite birds. I love their coloring and their shortish stature makes me think they are shy. In reality, they are shy.
Wikipedia says the Green Heron is one of the few birds that use tools. They’ll use food (bread, insects, etc) as bait for fish or other things they like to eat. When the fish or other comes close to get the bait… they’re dinner.
Honestly, as cool as it sounds to say one of the few birds to use tools, I think most birds, animals, etc, non-humans have figured out how to use different items to serve a purpose other than the obvious. Birds use bits of stuff to make nests, their houses; if that’s not entrepreneurial, I don’t know.

The GH is one of the first “big” birds, lakeshore birds I saw – this is when I was taking Dr. G’s Field Biology class at Michigan. So, even if I had seen one before (highly unlikely), this would be a first time I knowingly saw one, and knew what it was!  These elusive dudes are awesome to see in real life, mainly because the great blue heron generally gets the headline and the attention and these fellas just go about their business in their own way. A bit independent and healthy self-esteem, yes, I’m anthropomorphising the heck out of them; but that makes it a bit more fun.

These guys were my inspiration for this acrylic pour:

It would look great on a phone device case, don’tcha think?  See it on Redbubble

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