Mangrove Swallow .

Wikipedia says about the Mangrove Swallow (MS): “The mangrove swallow (Tachycineta albilinea) is a passerine bird in the swallow family that breeds in coastal regions from Mexico through Central America to Panama. It has blue-green upperparts, blackish flight feathers, a white rump, a black tail, and white underparts. This swallow’s song is generally described as a soft trilling, with a rolled jeerrt call, and a sharp alarm note.”

I remember seeing my first MS in Panama. It was a lovely, warm (85-degrees) sunny day. We had just returned from our morning hike and were just eyeing an equally lovely hammock. This pretty little bird popped in on the stone ledge around the deck. It was checking out some grainy bread crusts that had been laid out earlier in the day. One of the kids from the hike had a granola bar in her backpack and took it out, broke it in half and gave one half to the MS. It jumped right over to her (she  moved slowly for the first time all morning). It grabbed a piece of the granola bar and happily hopped away. She (Karen) was awestruck. After a morning that was less than spectacular for a 9 year old, this made her day. And mine too. 

That moment inspired this acrylic pour — 

See it on Redbubble

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