Day after Machu Picchu – Peru

Yesterday (Feb 21, 2018) (when I wrote this) was the trip and landing in MP. It lives up to everything you’ve ever heard on the subject. Such a beautiful, immaculate and satisfying site. MP “lives” between 2 mountains (kind of on the saddle between) Machu Picchu and Wayna Picchu; which means respectively “old mountain” and “young mountain”. This carries much symbolism for the people. I think we can learn a lot from that. Generations that visited and lived in MP had as a steady symbol of their existence a bridge between the elders and knowledge and the young the next generations. What they did mattered to the next generations, as what they had came from their elders. Such a beautiful expression. IMO: we need more of these symbols in our fast “western” lives. You are not the center of the world, you have a history to cherish and a circle to the future. 

We were very lucky with weather. It is the wet season and we got to MP and no rain! It was actually humid but a little cool. Even with the sun shining. This is a place where rainbows are born, clouds and rain as well. The gate of the sun and the many markers of the sun’s presence are strong reminders that the forces of deity come together in this place. How could you ever want to do it harm? 

It was a bit surreal for us westerners, esp Americans to grasp the power and the symbolism here. The trapezoids mark the Incan culture as the construction of the walls and other structures. Nearly impossible for those of times past to access,  you had to walk in from above – through the sun gate. Fantastic!

MP is also what our guide Eyner said is “evergreen” always green wet or dry season. Always alive. 

Also alive are the many llamas that live here. No fear of either us nor the landscape, they do their thing as has been done for generations. Hmmmmm, what does that teach us? Long after powerful cultures, nature reigns constant. The Spaniards didn’t make it here. It is as it was intended. 

I took so many photos, I’ll pick out some of the nicer ones and share here. I don’t know what will be the outcome of this in any of my painting, but I will probably figure out some way to celebrate this experience. Our tour group was terrific. We were very lucky also that the time of day we were here – afternoon – seemed to have fewer overall numbers of people. YOu could actually get photos without people in them. 🙂 haha.

Here’s a link to a slide show I put together on Youtube from the whole trip. Hope you enjoy (~5min) p.s. I only use an iPhone to take photos. Double boo-shah!

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