Jourdan Studios, an update and a hat

My housemate (<3) was admonishing me for not updating y'all on the happenings at Jourdan Studios.

Well, you may know about the Redbubble store 🙂 

Vistaprint also makes cool products with your “art”. But a little different because it’s not a place that you can set up a store for your art; but you can create personal items with your own art. (At least that I’ve seen so far) I digress—-

I needed a hat for our trip to S. America, and thought about getting  baseball hat (easy peasy). Then it occurred to me, I could have a b-ball hat made up with our Jourdan Studios logo. Vistaprint to the rescue. 

They made it up quick and easy for me. 
I was able to use the work I had done for the Intro to Typography and Brand new brand classes (Cal Institute of the Arts) … and well – 

here’s a picture of the hat with design. 

Don’t blame the hat on the poor photo quality; but you get the idea. LOL… more to come. Hold on to your….. (I did not say t-hat)

Maybe we should do a give-away? What do you think? Would you like your own Jourdan Studios baseball cap? Maybe a mug? hmmmm….. that’s not wood burning, I’m thinking! 


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