Blue Green Cells (Dreamy series research 1)

This one is blue-green cells as I research a little more technique for the Dreamy series

Starting with the paint layers in the cup
I tried to alternate each color with white to see what that would do.
I added silver near the end. This may have been a mistake, especially if it just sinks to the bottom of the paint layers. (Silver is heavier than titanium theory) 

Another flip cup (on plastic wrap), and a pool of white around the cup to contain it and maximize the pigment to white interfaces.  

slide the flipped up around a little bit and then lift in a swirling motion. 
The swirl that pulled a veil of white over the pigment at the “top” of the screen is magic. The cells immediately appeared and look stunning. (how did I do that?)

I wonder if my white paint is too thick? It pours just fine but it looks a little thick. Maybe? 

Again, Lesson: too much fussing at the beginning with the left over paint in the cup. (Let it Go!)

Smearing through the more solid/non-celled green-blue-purple area seems to make some sense, and seemed to result in some good cells. 
What If I had played with the interface with white? 

That veil of pigment over the white didn’t do much. The white was already “on the bottom”; but where the white was in the veil-smear, it did become good-ish cells. 

The torching was exciting in cell creation. Did it – the heat and force – push the pigment into the white on the smear area? 

In retrospect, I should have kept that area and not tried to stretch-out/grow the initial awesome cells.

I like what did happen, but wonder if I had left them alone earlier, it I’d be happier. hmmmm?! 

Lesson, the interlacing with the white in the cup and the interfaces on the panel are winners in the final results.
I like the lacing and the cell within cell action.

When showing the sections of the panel: move more slowly under the camera. This was a bit too fast at those parts. 

This is one that gets 4-stars.. I learned a lot and hope I can do this again. 🙂

Summary of lessons:
  1. Stop fussing with the left-over paint in the cup at the beginning of the pour
  2. Titanium white over anything seems to create good cells. The thinner the white, the better?
  3. Titanium white interfaces seem to create those push-dream cells 
  4. Smear? When to smear? 
  5. Smear vs Torch? 
  6. How much did my potion influence these results? Is the potion simply a constant through the process? (this is my initial hypothesis)

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