Titanium interfaces (Dreamy series; research 3)

titanium interfaces

In this experiment, I focused on the interface with titanium white and how I might influence it. I did 2 experiments:
  1. pour into titanium
  2. pour then add titanium

use just one color to get a clearer understanding. 

This won’t take a lot of paint. (she said to herself)

The outcome is spectacular and very interesting. I’ll work on getting the video embedded as well.
Until then:
top is pour added to titanium (bad, titanium already underneath

Bottom is titanium added over pigment (better; titanium had a reason to interact)

However, by themselves even with tilting and tipping, nothing much happened. So, a good swipe with a wooden stick and you see the interplay in the photo. 

I’ll need to repeat to see if this is the usual outcome. And possibly work on getting a square-ish outcome, for more after pour effects and uses. The negative space here is poor. 

When it’s dry, I’ll also add a photo of the dried piece. And then add a varnish coat so we all can see the effects.  More fun!

🙂 with gratitude, in peace


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