Dreams Breakthrough! Painting with a Straw

For a while now, I’ve been doing the video recording of my different acrylic pours. I did them thinking I’d go back and review what I did that I liked, that I didn’t like, things that didn’t make any difference; that sort of thing.
And they have provided that kind of insight.

But the other weekend, I stumbled on an old video I recorded last fall.
It was a video of one of the bird series’ pieces created then. [Bird series is on this blog =) ]
And lo and behold – it contained the technique used to create the effect my client liked and wants to see more of in the piece I’m creating. 

Remember, this overall technique of pouring is experimental, some control, but not a lot of control. 😉 This first pic looks like the video (sorry, screen print); the real video is further below. 

What a chance surprise. I was beginning to lose hope for remembering and getting the technique and its proper effect/result. And there it was. (I’ll post that one at some point)

So, woo-hoo, I was able to do the test (see video) that turned out to create THE effect!
Take a look if you want: painting with a straw aka Dreams #3 test.

I plan to do a few more tests and see what I can learn from this. (p.s. I didn’t invent this technique, other acrylic pourers do it too)

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