Another breakthrough? Sort of….

Of the many things I love about painting is how much I learn. And how much I am forced to remember and re-use. Creativity is pushing the envelope, but not that alone. By remembering, re-using and learning new, expression is made that can connect with my art- brothers and sisters.

I had created what I thought was a super-duper composition with the pieces of acrylic I’ve poured. I have a picture of it. But it’s so hideous, I’ll add only a super close-up of an area that has interesting cells. 

One thought was to use collage to bring together a cool composition that expressed an aspect of dreams. Kind of a bubbling experience, from a calm center, and unseen center.  I realized all of those patches, as awesome (in my mind) as they are, were just too much pattern. Overwhelming. Not what you want from a dream. So, I started to play with adding areas of calm solid. It’s still too chaotic, but the complexity of the cells and pseudo structures intrigue me. (p.s. this experiment in composing doesn’t exist anymore; it’s been taken apart and reused in other tests coming soon – maybe.)

So, let’s stop and rethink this, reconsider the message, the effect, the connection.

Peaceful, peace-supporting dreams. Language, so complex, yet, so imprecise.
Perhaps visual arts is still imprecise, maybe a little less so. …I digress. 

So, a new pour: create the horizontal. Rather, create in the horizontal. So far, the pours have been rounded, puddled, devoid-of-geometric-shape. I realized that when putting together the collage. I have many devices to create via shape (a preferred means): after the pour is dried; it can be shaped further by removing pieces that don’t fit.

Back to new pour: horizontal. Primarily horizontal anyway.
And using the straw-technique, getting the reaching, bubbling, transitional effect I also want to include. Love that effect. Kind of creating nebula – space nebula. 🙂

What now? Any more breakthroughs? Possibly; but now to the next stage and question: what to do with all those “baby” pours??? Just wait…
pps. Happy Easter! 

In peace and gratitude

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