Waiting for paint to dry? Dream series notes

Hi again. I’m back at the Dream series.

So what does this person do while waiting for paint to dry? Make another pour!

I had a panel that was nice enough from last summer when I was learning the technique and trying a bunch of (also) experiments. Well great panel; but the result: not timeless. So, what does a person do? Recycle! Even the great masters painted over past paintings. Art conservators know this well.  link to an example & article

I’m not  comparing myself to a great master in execution; but in this aspect: recycle is a good thing.

Using some color choices that are a little unusual for me, and this technique: russet, copper, sunshine yellow, titanium and black I got going on a new pour.  Like tangling, I had no real expectation for a specific outcome; but I was greatly rewarded for this experiment. link to earlier Tangle post

At  few points in the process, I coulda – shoulda stopped. But by now, we all know I’m a fusser and so kept on going. And I really like the outcome. It started to appear to resemble a rock slab. Happy day. Stop.

If you look at the video, the whole process took about 15 minutes (my colleagues who can whip these out in a few minutes are well ahead of me for efficiency). I sped up parts and cut out parts where what I was doing was contemplating what to do next (dull!). What’s linked below is a little less than 3 minutes.

Also, I’m starting to move these to Redbubble, if that is of any wild interest to y’all.
Some of the originals are available… contact me directly for that info, until I can figure out a way to sell them directly online. Dream Series on Redbubble

Thanks for hanging out with me.

In peace and gratitude


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