Closing the Dream Series

With this post, I’m closing the 2018 Dreams’ series – at least for now.
I’m happy with the overall results, and learned a LOT. The acrylic pour technique didn’t become predictable; but I feel like I can guestimate pretty well what will happen. I haven’t figured out the layering and dirty pour vs layering and flip cup. Maybe that’s ahead for another series.

Maybe next time I’ll work much much larger. That’s an added complexity – how to manage a very large pool of pigment and acrylic.
I did get a lot of success with manipulating the interface between the chaos pool and the solid zones. The straw really did a cool job. In the journey to create a feeling of dreams; this was effective.
Perhaps a pour that is more white or other solid with small pools of “chaos”.
I could have swiped, or tilted more than I did. Again, a next time opportunity.

This was a fantastic opportunity to try a few palettes I wouldn’t have thought of. That was a lot of fun. Making chroma work is a fun exercise, intensity changes (saturation), light/dark (value), and slightly different versions of a color (warmer/cooler, temperature) help even the strangest combinations work well. For example, I had a tube of citron green in my box for a long time. It’s a chroma I really like, but didn’t have a good idea of how I wanted to use it.

Then Nicole R said lime green is one of her favorite colors. And she’s expecting a baby girl and colors she wants to use in her room is pink and gray. So, I had some unusual colors (for me) to work with. But amping up the pink and bluing the gray a little gave me a really cool version of a primary triad palette to work with. And the citron green: probably the most sophisticated and elegant in the mix. I am really pleased with how that turned out. File that away for future work!

Here’s the video of the test pour above (Nicole & Marc’s is in quarantine for a bit. They get to see it first; p.s. it’s in the mail)

In gratitude and peace

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