New Book, new set of lessons

I just got a book by Cat Bennett from the library: “The Drawing Club of Improbable Dreams”. From the get-go, I’m delighted. There’s the backstory of how she created a drawing club of folks who simply wanted to draw – together – which is charming.

Then she  provides the exercises she had them do. The exercises consist of 3 – eight-weekly sessions for the group to exercise their creative and drawing muscles. 

Why not jump in? That’s my deal, so jumping is what I did.

the first section, first week was about drawing at least 6 images, nothing representational, but your own marks. This is to get you used to your own style of mark making. The idea was to use black on white paper, and allow your own marks to create grays. 
Then, the group looks at everyone’s art and looks for similarities and contrasts. I’ve done similar exercises in groups and it’s pretty cool. Your style is in you all the time!

Here are my little bundle of drawings. I’ll add to this on a weekly basis and see where it takes me. (us)

I like to see them all together and small. It gives me an idea of the overall feel rather than fuss over the details. I see some interesting tendencies. 
lots of energy, lots of variety of marks and values. All of them were done with a Derwent Ink stick. They are terrific for this. I started with dry paper, then after that, went back in with a wet brush.  The last one, was using an ink stick over wet paper. The ink stick was awesome then! It’s as if it melted right onto the paper. Those luscious blacks and dark grays! 

Some have faces, musical instruments, landscape, and a wine glass. 
I wonder how this might change in a few weeks? a few months? 

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