Week 2: adding color

I’m so glad I started this post series. I did get a bunch done this week. I decided that before I explore encaustic – I would take some time to draw and create characters and humorous scenes. Otherwise, I’ll most likely just make the same abstract designs as before, but with encaustic. That would be unfortunate, and not growing as much as taking this detour.

I came to realize that I’ve drawn faces before, maybe even a year ago. And from the few items that I have around, i did pretty good. So, I want to explore more drawing, including faces, people, birds, cats, elephants and giraffes (for starters).

So, back to Cat Bennett and week 2: adding color.

Well, I like these. The ones with the water added and make the colors more vivid are much stronger looking. But there’s something subtle to the dry ones. 
I’m intrigued by the set of shapes and color contrasts. I’ll need to reflect on these a bit more.

I wonder where this is going to lead…. exciting….

In gratitude and peace to you

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