Running on … prompts

Today I simply ran out of ideas for my art journal. How weird. Does that happen to you too? 

From what I read, it happens to all of us. So, I pulled up a little ebook that had a terrific simple journal prompt. “Art Journal Prompt About Scribbles: Simple idea about making a mess” from “Art Journal Prompts &  Points to Ponder: a workbook for beginners” by Jennifer Greenleaf. 

Rather than tear a page out of my journal which the prompt asked, I used a piece of brown paper bag for the exercise. I was going to tear it up anyway and adhere it to my  journal. So why reduce the number of pages? 
Made my rectangle, and followed the prompts as the exercise requested. The messy part? I guess it was the writing prompts, some very personal questions to answer succinctly. Things like: Have you ever climbed a mountain? Why or why not?

Over all, it was fun. 

Later, while I was waiting for some of the embellishments to dry, I listened to a TEDx talk. p.s. I don’t remember ever climbing a mountain. That seems like something you’d definitely remember. 🙂 

Updated: When I went back to close my journal; the signatures had pulled away from the binding. Very sad. It’s a Jane Davenport journal; hope it’s an anomaly in production. It’s not even used half-way.
I still am going to use it; the paper is fantastic. I’ll have to decide if I’m going to re-glue the back flap to the signatures.  I guess that will depend on whether having it flap around bugs me too much. I guess in retrospect, I could have torn out the extra page for the journal prompt! Have you had this happen to your journal? 

sad journal…. see the binding. See the dark, painted pages? Not even half the journal has been used yet. oh well. 

Tedx Talk: 

Think Fast, Talk Smart: Communication Techniques 

Really good talk (of course, it’s a TedX talk)

  1. what does your audience need to know from you?
  2. what condition is your audience in? How can you make the message easier for them to consume (even if it’s a lesson right before lunch)
  3. How can you best structure the “talk”, e.g. 
  • past –  present – future
  • problem – solution – benefit
  • what – so what – now what

Delightful talk; I don’t think my synopsis let’s any cats out of the bag. Give it a listen; you’ll enjoy it. Lower your voice for good effect. 🙂 

In gratitude

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