Exponential Thinking

The Exponential Foundations Series: #1 – Foundations in Expo Thinking… the beginning begins

It’s been a little while since my last post. Sorry ’bout that.

I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to share via this blog. And now that I’m transitioning into non-Ford specific life; I can share much more freely.

Recently, I started an ecourse with Singularity University.
It’s one of a 3-part series: The Exponential Foundations Series
Course #1 – Foundations in Exponential Thinking (Link to Syllabus)

Although the materials refer to weekly modules (4), it’s more of a go at your own pace style of class. This course is facilitated by Joel Hobbs, (JH). I’m also realizing that my entries here, though they’ll most likely follow the path of the course, won’t be, e.g. 4 modules = 4 posts. They’re each chock full of some pretty deep topics. So, the topics will probably drive the posts. 🙂 (drive the posts…LOL)

In the first (so far) module, we’re asked to identify a global challenge we want to look at through the lense of Exponential Thinking. I chose: “Truth under Fire in a Post-Fact World”. I’ll come back to that.

They want us to be comfortable talking/writing about this and getting feedback as an additional means of learning. That’s fantastic. We’re asked to write on an internal to the course blog. I’ll relay my thoughts and blog materials here.

Before jumping into the topic at hand, we’re asked to reflect on “Design the Future” and discuss our relationship with 4 leadership qualities that are essential to success with exponential thinking.
They are:
1. Futurist
2. Technologist
3. Innovator
4. Impact Driver

Reflecting on our current leadership skills, we’re asked to filter these through the 4-part framework above. (JH: Joel Hobbs; course facilitator)

JH: Consider your current leadership skills. Of the four roles we described, which one best describes you? How might you develop the other qualities?
  • my best skill of the 4 today: futurist
  • how to develop other roles? I tend to learn best and most efficiently by watching and doing. I’ll need to understand some ways to do each of the other 3 and then put into practice. I feel like I have some skill with the other qualities; but you asked “best skill”, so there it is.

JH: What is your view of the future?  Take a few minutes and write down what you imagine life will be like in 30 years: What technology will we have? What will our economy be like? What challenges will we face as a species?
  • my view of the future is optimistic.
  • What will life be like in 30 years? ~2050. Amazing technology advances making life easier for many people. Probably many of the social issues will remain the same, that is: in the pool; or at least replaced by others. The primal questions: why are we here, who are we, why do we connect, who else is here? are probably going to be present and just as controversial, even if we think we have a better idea.
  • I think the fight over moral politics will continue to shape and divide. These will somewhat shape our economies in the sense of: what are the priorities, and who is in charge?
  • Of the challenges we’ll face will no doubt include what we have done to the planet and our ability to inhabit it; what the future will again look like. Will the Jetson’s be more of a reality for everyday living?
  • I hope separating lines and models will be diminished. We are better together. As a species I think we’ve learned that to a great extent. When we divide and marginalize; we all lose.
  • The appetite for a better world will still exist; whether the backbone to accomplish something that can’t be undone will be in play remains an unknown.


I wonder what I’ll say in 4-weeks/4-modules. 🙂 


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