Write for yourself; share with others

Why this blog? Why make the effort? I’m many things and many things I am not. Self-awareness is something I’d like to claim; but alas, it’s a work in progress. I have a firm idea of who/what I’d like to be. Kind, compassionate, generous, wise… you know the big-4. I’m far from those, work in progress.

One thing I do know about myself is a constant curiosity. What, who, where, when and Why? I like to learn, I love even more when I can do something useful with what I’ve learned.  As you may already know, there is no shortage of things to learn and people to learn from since the internet (since writing and storytelling began). Learning for me is internalizing some new fact, story, issue, etc. And my metric for that is in writing about it. I can think about it all day and night; but unless I write it down, it can often be a jumble of factoids. I find that I learn and internalize something best by writing about it; even for myself. Alternately, telling someone else about it is another way. I don’t think of this as teaching per se. Teaching, to me, is a sophisticated activity compared to what I do. Sometimes it’s (what I mean) is no more than verbiage-vomit. I’d like to claim the bar is set higher, but hopefully, with time, the bar will climb higher. (patience please)

So, this blog. It’s the place where I will attempt to write about the different things I’m learning. Sometimes it’ll be a jumble (I’m sorry in advance, really), but I’ll always strive for it to make some kind of logical sense. Forgive me when I miss that mark.

But as the title of this post says: I’ll write for myself, and share with you/others. I’ll try to add pictures, illustrations, etc. to keep it from being a diary of my randomness. Fingers-crossed.

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