Cold wax grunge becomes an Octopus

Starting with acrylic, ending (?) with Cold wax. Fun with mixed media

I’m going to put each phase in current work in this post so you can see its tortuous journey. I hope this works out. 

Octopus at Sunset

One thing I’ve learned already: if you don’t like a color that you’re adding to a painting, esp cold wax. Stop; don’t add it. (I’m speaking of the pink cold wax layer, uck)

This keeps getting uglier and uglier; which means (Pam Caughey): Don’t stop. But I must take a breath.

I’ve seen some stages with cool linework. Make a note to keep or reintroduce that. I think the last stage in this gif is telling me there’s just too much going on. So, I need to calm bits of it down.

All right, all red! Cool texture and peek-throughs. Time to play? Maybe time to ponder.

I had to let it sit in the red stage for a while. I worked on some other things, research really for a few other projects I’ll add in time. Funny, I didn’t realize how much that activity informed this piece. Came back with a bit of inspiration and the result: Octopus at Sunset ends the gif roll above.

I’m really happy with it. I love how the layers of color give the piece a lot of depth and character. As simply flat colors, it would be a bit dull. But you can see a lot going on from the history of the piece. Still has the play of values, and shapes; but expressed in such an unexpected way (to me). I’m thrilled!

In gratitude – Robin

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