APF Emerging Fellows 2019

Preparing: ………………………… 2019 Emerging Fellows Program

I’m super happy to announce that I’ll be part of the Association for Professional Futurists’ 2019 Emerging Fellows program. The program is designed for relatively new futurists to work on a selected topic over the course of a year producing monthly web posts. Another benefit besides developing our critical thinking skills is visibility from the community. 

The primary topic for 2019 is to be the ‘Transformation of Capital’. The basic premise of the project is that instead of Capitalism ending (the Post-Capitalist argument), it could be radically transformed. If so, what could it be transformed into, and how much of that transformation is evident today? And it’s been divided into 8 “Big Questions”, that list is below. Each of the 8 Fellows works on 1 of the subtopics with their monthly posts. 

  1. To what extent is the company of the future represented in the company of today?
  2. To what degree can the economy be digitised?
  3. What is the role of finance in the emergent future?
  4. Will the present trend towards greater inequality be reversed?
  5. Are social entrepreneurs the capitalists of the future?
  6. Has democracy had its day?
  7. Will personal liberty be re-defined in the future?
  8. What ownership structures will emerge in an automated future

Big Question #6
The Big Question I will tackle is #6: Has democracy had its day? 
To that purpose, I have a bit of an outline of what I plan to investigate and discuss for each of the 12 months of 2019. There are some constraints on each of the Fellows, as in the maximum number of words, use of citations, illustrations and so forth. I will link to my posts here.

Also – It’s my intention to document the journey. As I’ve already begun the process, I’m noticing (as much as you can see yourself change) that how I approach these questions is also changing, maturing. I’ll do my best to share that part of the journey with you as well. 

The list below is the starting point of my content and journey, and may be adjusted during the year. But, better to have a plan to adjust than rely on monthly inspiration.

  1. Is the Washington Consensus compatible with liberal economics
  2. Does the success of China undermine the WashingtonConsensus?
  3. Faith in democracy, or faith and democracy?
  4. Can democracy solve our wicked problems?
  5. Is trust an endangered species?
  6. Have we had enough of experts?
  7. How selfish is self-interest?
  8. How can we solve problems without a solution?
  9. Who are the people democracy is supposed to serve?
  10. Can democracy function in a polarized society?
  11. Does economics and politics have a common ancestry?
  12. Has democracy had it’s day?

I hope you’ll join me (and the other Fellows) in 2019. As one of my mentors has said and it’s something I love about futuring: it’s a team sport.

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