2019 Emerging Fellows January Digest

I am delighted to be part of this year’s Emerging Fellows program with the Association of Professional Futurists. Though rules of participation include that I can’t publish my post here, I’d like to instead provide links to the Fellows’ posts. This is the January Digest of posts.

The pieces are listed in order of publication date.
Charlotte Aguilar-Millan: Has the gig economy given rise to a fundamental change in corporate structures? How far can the assetless, employee free, company go? What does this mean to the legacy communities whose jobs have evaporated? …
Alex Floate: Do financial transactions have social consequences? Could debt contain a political obligation? Do we need us to be free of financial obligations in a democracy? Will we return to the squirarchy where our ‘masters’ tell us how to vote? …
Paul Tero: Is there only upside to the digital economy? What about the path not travelled? Are we heading up a digital cul-de-sac? How do we know that there may not have been a better alternative that we have yet to access? …
Robin Jourdan: How great a threat is China to the US? Could it occur at the cultural level? Is the Chinese way of doing things better than the American? If ‘western’ values are not working for many, could they find ‘eastern’ values more appealing? …
Ruth Lewis: Do past conceptions of liberty inform us about future definitions? Is economic liberty a prerequisite for political liberty? In what sense does economic inequality undermine the notion of democracy? Can we afford our liberty? …
Felistus Mbole: Can the trend to greater inequality be reversed? What limiting factors are likely to bend the trend? How is it that, in a democratic framework, policy can be devised for the benefit of a minority? Could populism reverse the trend? …
Esmee Wilcox: Could social entrepreneurs better allocate capital than capitalists? Is this a better way of using creative capital? Or will creative capital have to continue to pretend that it is physical capital? Is a new form of capitalism emerging? …

Many thanks to Stephen Aguilar-Millan for his support and direction of this project.

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