Starting a new class! (again)

This weekend I signed up for Nicholas Wilton’s Creative Visionary Program. It’s intention is to help me become a better artist. To better create from within myself (opposed to like everyone else). I’m super excited about this. I’m expecting it to be like a boot camp, there’s a group, with coaches and lots of work. I’m so stoked.

Anyway, I wanted to add a painting I just finished yesterday (part of a 4 panel series) so I can see (hopefully) progress from before to after. It’s all about progress.

Before CVP

Ok, there it is. I like it. I really like this one. Every good artist wants to progress; wants to improve everyday.

Design, value, color. Getting ready to roll with this CVP program. I’ll add what I’m doing here – it’s important for me to get it up in front of myself outside the studio. I’m also looking to apply what I learn to ceramics. That would be soooooo cool. Here’s a current favorite of mine from ceramics (bless you Kirsten)

ceramics Pre-CVP

ok, now it’s started. 🙂 More later. My goal for this project is to share here on an at-least weekly basis. ❤

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