CVP: Inspiration Board

I’m in an online class (Creative Visionary Program) led by Nicholas Wilton. So far, I’m very impressed. With over 900 people in the 2019 class from all parts of the world, the support is outstanding.

Rather than jumping right in and getting messy with what ever you use to make your art, we’re taking a little time to reflect on ourselves as artists. Week 1: create an inspiration board – those things that “light you up” and get you cooking on your art.

There were no constraints on the project, and certainly, everyone did theirs a little differently. Which is wonderful. Here’s mine:

In the not-chaos of the board, I see some direct patterns, and some indirect patterns of things I like. Who knew? Blue/orange, technical/abstract, faces, linework, nature, and humor.

Yes, some of the images are mine, some are from elsewhere. Thank you world.

Have you ever done an Inspiration Board? If you haven’t, I highly recommend it!

In gratitude

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