Working on Strength (pt 1)- contrast and value

In my on-going quest to create strength in my painting, more effort must (?) go into developing design and value muscles. I find I can get caught in the weeds of middle ground: middle value, middling design. No strength gonna come from that.

So I grabbed some of the drafts I worked on this week. Why call them drafts? Well, just like when writing, you have drafts that require finessing and sometimes drastic measures to get them right. So, I have started to think of my pieces in the same fashion, and it takes a lot of the stress out of the process. Draft 1 through Draft N.

So what about these? A few little notes: I took each of them and converted into black/white to better see the values’ contrast and potential of the design. So, this is about 3 pieces in 2-sets

First one (left) is organic overall, I like the line working it way through the plane

Middle one is big-shoulders-bold with large blocks of tiles/square shapes that connect to create large fields. I Like the light squares on the dark shape; sparkly

Right-most one is more delicate overall. I Like the more technical linework peaking through and holding the bottom 2/3 together.

LOL… I’m starting to *see* the things I like in my own work. how nuts is that?! 😂😊#happy

I’m liking the mushy-organic fields contrasted with edgy, cartographic and geometric, drafted shapes and linework. Next, to push this to include more dancy, sing-song feel, more lightness of shape, more depth. The colors are purposely similar, and a combination that sort of evolved rather than purposeful. But that’s ok. I don’t know that I would have planned for aqua, firetruck red and black otherwise. It’s an interesting (unusual) combo.

What kinds of things do you think about when you’re putting wet-hand to substrate? This is a homage to contrast. And I’ll be doing more of it. Practice practice, always practice.

In gratitude…

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