Bumping up the risks

Talking with some art-making friends, we were discussing how are we taking risks with our work? It’s really personal, isn’t it. Stepping outside your comfort zone is always a bit more than scary and personal. What’s risky for me, isn’t risky for someone else; and vice versa. For some posting their ongoing attempts at whatever their media is – is “out of control” – risky. I’m trying to desensitize my sense of risk on that by doing it. More and more. Maybe that’s the lesson. ??

Walking to the shop

For example, I was working on this little beauty and decided I liked it well enough. Took a photo (as you can clearly see). I think I painted over it sometime after. Not because I didn’t like it (I do, but I have the photo) – but because I don’t want to stop too soon. Sometimes you (me) need to desensitize myself from hoarding the perception of a precious piece. I painted it once, I can paint it again if need be. I did take it into photoshop and desaturated it, which gives it this really cool and subtle demeanor (I think)

I like the look of the layers of a piece. I guess part of that is called “pentimento”. The definition: a visible trace of earlier painting beneath a layer or layers of paint on a canvas. Who knew? It’s actually a thing!

More risks to come. 🙂 Be bold, be brave.

With gratitude…

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