5-point Jourdan Fortnight for Aug 31, 2019

Here is your dose of the brand-new “5-point Jourdan Fortnight,” a list of what we’re enjoying or musing.

What we’re reading — 
: Starting on my path to creating an app (you’ve been warned), I just finished book 1: “How to Code: A step-by-step guide to computer coding” by Max Wainewright. OK, I skipped the bot parts, but the python and JavaScript parts were just the right speed. I think the book is intended for grade-schoolers who can read well. I thought the randomizer heads or tails was pretty cool. Definitely the coding world has changed since I was in university, back in the day, in the computer lab in the basement of the CAB. We used cards back then. Now, to figure out the next book, workshop, class (online) to keep going.

What we’re watching — We just finished season 3 of “Stranger Things”. Man, it catches you by surprise in a good, suspenseful way. Fingers crossed that there’s a season 4. I just love love love El/Jane/Millie Bobby Brown. The acting by the majority of kid actors is amazing. C’mon season 4.

If you’re in Detroit— Robin was just accepted into my very first juried art show this week. The Detroit Women’s Society of Painters and Sculptors is hosting a show starting Sept 4: “Small but Mighty” at the Grosse Point Congregational Church. Who’s excited? Me!

Out of the annealing oven— Last week sister Jo and Robin had the chance to make an item out of glass at the Toledo Museum of Art’s Glass Pavilion. Fantastic experience. It gave me a lot of confidence. We were able to pick up our items (an ornament and also a paperweight) this last week. It takes a few days for the hot items to cool safely. It was a lot of fun and the end results are beautiful as color and glass go so well together.

A question —
Why is it that some kindle books cost more than its printed counterpart? Generally, it has to be digitized to be printed. And printing means paper, ink, binding, labor, logistics. And a printed book can be returned if you’re not satisfied, but not a kindle book. What’s up with that?

And, as always, please give us feedback in the comments. Which bullet above is your favorite? What do you want more or less of? Other suggestions? Let me know!

Have a wonderful weekend, all! Here comes September.

In gratitude–  Robin & Jerry

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