Working in Stages, Stage 2

This is about going back over the CVP class, and now starting a new series of paintings. This time I have 6 panels, some brand new, some with old paint. Also, using the Joan Fullerton “recipe to start” to get them in the same level/s at least to begin together.

I started with a lot of yellow, white and black and added some green-blue drips. Then, stage 2 began by scribbling with oil pastels. I’m a bit shocked how long my oil pastels are lasting. I use this very often, but there is still a lot of crayon/pastels left in the box. I think the oil pastels add new line work, color splashes, and possibly a resist for later layers.

A bit unclear how much these steps helped, I pushed each through some virtual editing in Photoshop. First to see just the values.

Some of these show good value contrast already. Some do not. Very interesting. But regardless, there is a lot of room to tweak and push values in sections. That is good. 🙂

So, yes, each can be made stronger with value adjustments. One lesson: go bold as early as possible. Boldly use value contrast to create interest. Yes, drama, but interest. Right now, it’s difficult to get past color and wild marks. Even the stuff in the background, which contributes to the soft conversation, and maybe it gets in there too early? Bold, value contrast contributes to the loud conversation.

How to change that emphasis in the earliest stages? I don’t know, be aware? I like the randomness of the values and their distributions, shapes. Then, only then, the color becomes important.

Next up? Going to pass #3 (or is it 4?) Tomorrow. This is good. 🙂

With immense gratitude – Robin

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