Series #4: Vocabulary 1

Taking some favorite bits from Series #3 (at bottom of this post), photographs, I started to play with different methods and tools to create them. The footprint or *loud conversation* was set, which let me focus on the how of the series. And include risk. Ha-haa

Starting with the photos of the footprints, in black & white; I could create in any color palette wanted without being unnecessarily influenced by the original colors. (Even though I liked them greatly)

With the exception of the very first and last, the rest are in order of before and after within the before group and the after group. Some have been turned in different orientations, but artist’s prerogative!

What I see:

  • I’m developing an affinity for certain colors over others slightly. (The paint tubes are more empty as well). Yes: harmonized color.
  • I like the geometric components and range of edges. Using the alcohol spritz in the first color one created a very interesting slide of organic mottling. Still important to draw the eye around each of the pieces, so some latitude was taken. 
  • I used collage, stencil, marker, pencils, alcohol spray, charcoal, as well as direct painting and blending. 

and more:

  1. Cartographic influence
  2. Landscape (from above)
  3. Digits and lines – small but mighty?
  4. Much of the large shape extend from one edge to another, or at least touch an edge. 
  5. Three have shapes that cut through the center of the plane; meaning two have open fields in the middle/center.
  6. This latter influence provides a more spacious feeling. Can I get that feeling without leaving such a large “empty” field in the center? 

Will I try this exercise again? ABSOLUTELY, YES. Next time I might even work on larger panels, and risk and soul.

In gratitude – Robin

p.s. the originals (Series 3) used to spin up this set are below.

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