In the Studio

Experiment: Controls

This is a little experiment on variety and control –

16×16 panel:

Design: -Shapes ()Type:(org/geo) / size / movement, rhythm / placement / depth / line+marks (indicate)  all same
Value (wide, narrow, constrained)  same
Color () chroma / harmony / saturation / temperature / value / complements (indicate) chroma varies  all others same
Texture        / Surface          all same
Risk / Soul  
  • Notice that where there is minimal value change, this grabs my attention, even though slight.
  • The variety is in chroma, but not as strongly (as value).

So where can I make changes to see what kind of variation I tend toward?

  • shape type
  • shape size
  • depth? how would you achieve this without other variations?
  • rhythm? again, is this depending on other variations?
Fig 2: Changing the sizes of the blocks and nothing else.

I put the image in OneNote to draw lines on top and mimic what different size shapes (blocks) would do, and change nothing else. — result: little change.

So the actual shapes, size, type, etc aren’t the whole equation. Color isn’t a big factor. So, that leaves a few other options. I can imagine texture to be of little consequence since it’s just changing the shape sizes that make up larger shapes.

So… VALUE. Change some of the values. The shapes‘ type and size can stay the same, but will soon be monotonous. So together, hand in glove: value changes and shapes’ changes together together T.O.G.E.T.H.E.R.

I like both geometric AND organic shapes, even linework is a shape with very little depth (height?). Once you get values going: loud and quiet conversation, your shapes size and type are the other part of the music sheet. Music: instrumental & lyrics. but not all music needs words; are words the “color”? That leaves the score: loud/quiet, fast/slow, motifs.

shapes and values – we’re drawn to certain color chroma and temp/saturation/harmony but even that is not set in stone. hehe stone/earth, city/bright, lab/neon

I need to take a break. 😉

Lessons since publishing:

  1. Ok to trade value contrast for overall size: really big pieces don’t need to be as extended value range as small
  2. Just as, maybe more important: what is the overall intention? =o)
  3. Paint-On

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