Art Futures Thinking Journey

From Novice to Expert (?)

I often wonder, especially when starting something seemingly new, or struggling with something that feels familiar – what does it take to achieve expertise, real intuitive comfort with a thing.

I found this article from Nat Eliason, which is kind of interesting and in a way, kind of comforting. The expertise I’m seeking will come. Forget those 10K hours, although they do indicate that it takes time. Besides straight time, others have indicated that it takes deliberate, focused practice. But on what?

In my current situation, I’m finding myself between competent and proficient. Not a bad place to be, and this definitely gives me some hope for improvement, and what to focus on. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is real intuitive action. Notice how advances in skill come from perspective, decision making, and most active: engagement style.

Going forward: replace the sentiment “fail” with “learn” and boost your resilience. Your patience will be rewarded.

In gratitude – Robin

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