About this Journal

I truly like and feel passionate about 2 topics: art and futuring. So, taking some of the information from this article: “The Power of Doing only One Thing”, I decided it was time to check for a common thread to these two really different topics? And I quickly realized they’re both expressions of my passion for essential *optimism*. Yes, turn-that-frown upside-down, rose-colored glasses, the sun will come out tomorrow optimism. Maybe it’s why I know I’m a leaper rather than a toe-in-water person. I have personal experience with “it gets better” (and it does). That may be the core of my intention.

Don’t get it twisted, being optimistic doesn’t mean everything turns out the way you want. Sometimes, many times, it just doesn’t. But in my experience, without optimism, I wouldn’t be able to even get out of bed. Optimism has been essential for me getting through the tough times.

Perhaps one day, the subject will simply be painting or ceramics, or some other single thing.

Maybe some of it will create a spark in you too. Or not. It’s none of my business. The following excerpts are from: The Power Of Doing Only One Thing. – The Mission – Medium

  • “I’ve selectively gone into each area and chosen one thing”
  • When I committed to doing one thing, I made a decision to stop pretending I cared about my other passions.
  • Doing one thing gives you extreme focus. This focus can be channeled towards tasks that lead to mastery instead of trying to dabble in lots of unrelated passions.
  • “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing” — Stephen Covey
  • Embrace the power of doing one thing.

–In gratitude and optimism – Robin