Art Futures Thinking Journey

From Novice to Expert (?)

I often wonder, especially when starting something seemingly new, or struggling with something that feels familiar – what does it take to achieve expertise, real intuitive comfort with a thing. I found this article from Nat Eliason, which is kind of interesting and in a way, kind of comforting. The expertise I’m seeking will […]

In the Studio Journey

Finding Subtlety?

I did a small series of paintings and I am finding them really satisfying. They’ve been hanging in the great room and now I think I understand what it is that I like so much about them. They’re subtle. Yes, loud conversation, but a lot of complexity in the quiet conversation. The bottom 2 are […]

In the Studio

Experiment: Controls

This is a little experiment on variety and control – Element Variation Control DESIGN:   Design: -Shapes ()Type:(org/geo) / size / movement, rhythm / placement / depth / line+marks (indicate)    all same Value (wide, narrow, constrained)    same Color () chroma / harmony / saturation / temperature / value / complements (indicate)  chroma varies  all […]

Art In the Studio Mixed-up Media

Ending 2019

Context: What I’m working on The series “Ending 2019” is cleverly the last series for 2019. I learned a lot doing this series. And I hope re-training my eye for the kinds of designs I am personally drawn to, and now seem to be making. (is the training ever really *done*) The compositions/designs were taken […]


Mokuhanga: a short week in Glen Arbor

Currently, I’m riding back from 3 days in Glen Arbor, Mi. I was in a 3-day mokuhanga workshop at the Glen Arbor Art Center. Reflecting on those days’ learning and experimenting with Mokuhanga (moku: wood + hanga: print). Linda Beeman was the exceptional teacher for the group of 6 of us. It was an outstanding […]